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25,- €

Tournament Start

08.07.2023 23:59 o'clock


Gaming for a reason

Still no information on T2/T3? No problem!
We have something in store for the Siege community this off-season.
Become a part from Gaming 4 A Reason!
A month-long charity event aimed towards bringing the community together for some fun competition, raising money for charity & hopefully inspiring more positive community initiatives in the future!
The event will feature a TBA prize pool, and all tournament earnings will be donated to “Deutsche Krebshilfe“, a German non-profit organization aimed at battling cancer in all its forms. We encourage the Siege community to come together and raise as much money as possible for such a great cause.
That being said, the tournament will not be easy! You’ll fight your way through the ebattle open qualifier to face off against invited EUL Teams - more information TBD.
We also encourage companies and organizations to support the tournament and get involved! Whether through sponsorships, teams or donations.
G4AR isn’t just a gaming tournament, it’s an opportunity to connect the gaming community with a meaningful and important cause and together we can make a change!

Sign-ups close at 08.07.2023
Tournament Starts 18.07.2023
The buy-in does not have to be paid immediately after registration.


  • 25€ Buy-In per Team
  • Open Qualifier: 10 Brackets - Single Elimination (BO1), Bracket Final (BO3)
  • Group Stage: Round-Robin format, Top 10 Teams have to play against Pro Teams, 4 Teams per Group (4Groups) , BO1, you have to play everyone twice
  • Playoffs: Double-Elimination bracket, Top 16 Teams, BO3, Grand Final (BO5)

Infos Qualifier:

  • BO1, Single-Elimination Brackets
  • checked in to play after Payment

29min before Tournament start:

  • Matches are created automatically on the website
  • Match channel in Discord will be opened automatically (at least 1 player of each team must be present there; My Profile → Link Discord). Interface to opponent, caster and tournament admin
  • Mapbannsystem is available on the website in your match

After the Match:

  • Confirm result on the website
  • Next Round will be Generated

Dates Open Qualifier:
Tuesday 18.07.23 18:00 CEST
Wednesday 19.07.23 18:00 CEST
Thursday 20.07.23 18:00 CEST
Friday 21.07.23 18:00 CEST
Saturday: 22.07.23 18:00 CEST
Tuesday 25.07.23 18:00 CEST
Wednesday 26.07.23 18:00 CEST
Thursday 27.07.23 18:00 CEST
Friday 28.07.23 18:00 CEST
Saturday: 29.07.23 18:00 CEST

Dates Group Stage:
thursday 03.08.23 18:00 CEST
Friday 04.08.23 18:00 CEST
Saturday 05.08.23 15:00 CEST
Sunday 06.08.23 15:00 CEST

Dates Playoffs:
Saturday 12.08.23 12:00 CEST
Sunday 13.08.23 12:00 CEST
Monday 14.08.23 19:00 CEST
Tuesday 15.08.23 19:00 CEST
Wednesday 16.08.23 19:00 CEST
Thursday 17.08.23 19:00 CEST
Friday 25.08.23 18:00 CEST
Saturday 26.08.23 12:00 CEST Sunday 27.08.23 15:00 CEST