ebattle Masters 2022 – Rainbow Six Siege

The season 2022/23 introduces a new format. Leagues will not just remain leagues but will become part of the largest format in ebattle history.

The year will include a total of two regular seasons, a mid- and post-season clash each, monthly Blitz Cups, and the grand finale - ebattle Masters. This provides R6S eSports a packed year with a price money of at least 17.000 € Preisgeld!

Regular Seasons

In addition to the usual opportunity to advance through your season performance in the divisions, the teams of each division collect points for the overall standings.

Your team can't get a promotion spot anymore? No problem! A higher ranking gives you a higher score and brings you closer to the qualification for the ebattle Masters.

Mid- and Post-Season Clashes

The break between the regular seasons of the year will not be boring. The Mid-Season Clash is your chance to earn a larger amount of points for the overall standings and additionally a price money of 500€. Teams that do not participate in the regular season can also take part and have the chance to participate in the Masters.
However, since these teams lack the points from two regular seasons, they better make an effort here!

At the end of the second, regular season follows the Post-Season Clash in the same format, with increased points chance.

The Blitz Cups

Eight times during the year, Blitz will give you the chance to upgrade your points and improve your position in the overall standings in its Cup. The Blitz Cups are awarded with comparatively few points - but remember: A penny saved is a penny got!

The Masters - the grand finale

Sealing the end, the Masters will take place as studio production, accompanied by your favorite casters and analysts! After a drawn group stage, the winner of the year will be determined by a double elimination bracket.

While the PC finals will include the 16 highest ranked teams overall, the console Masters will feature the top 16 teams from each Xbox and Playstation in a 32-team crossplay mode.

The points hunt of the whole year pays off in the end - in the form of at least 6000 € prize money - 3500 € (PC), respectively 2500 € (consoles).


ebattle Masters 2022 Roadmap

Point distributions