Becoming an commentator/caster

Want to become an official Caster? Then you've come to the right place!

In the long term we want to build up a casters team, whose individual casters will focus on different titles. Whether you are a beginner or already have experience in casting games in eSports, you are welcome! As official caster you have the right to comment on our tournament matches and to develop yourself and grow together with us!


  1. You are at least 18 years old
  2. You can express yourself very well in the German and/or English language
  3. You have the basic equipment to stream and cast (with delay)
  4. You are active and reliable
  5. You have a passion for commenting on computer games

Additional qualifications

  1. You have professional equipment for high quality streaming
  2. You already have experience in other leagues and tournaments (ESL, etc. )
  3. You can also cast in English
  4. You already have experience as an offline caster

What we have to offer

  1. A large, professional team of mods, admins, casters and organizers
  2. The opportunity to actively participate in a large eSport platform
  3. Participation in online tournaments/leagues and the possibility to work on offline events in Germany
  4. Experienced casting team that supports you both technically and with casting tips
  5. Equipment such as: designs, overlays, etc.
  6. Functions that improve the quality of your stream
  7. Increase the range (Of course you can use your own channel for all casts. We always support each other with hosts, raids and social media - everyone helps everyone, no matter how big or small they are)
  8. Additional income - every cast on the Twitch Channel is paid

So what are you waiting for? Tell us in detail about yourself, your experiences, your motivation and apply now!

Send us an email!