1. All players must be at least have reached the recommended age of the respective game (in Germany)
  2. All players must register themselves about ebattle. de and be assigned to the team
  3. The registration of all players must have occurred before the tournament starts

2. REGISTRATION FEE (Only necessary for some tournaments)

  1. The registration fee must be credited before the draw / tournament start on the account
  2. Payment can be made in most cases by bank transfer and PayPal


The team can withdraw its participation at any time. However, the registration fee will only be refunded in case of a cancellation 5 days before the tournament starts. After that date, a refund is no longer possible for reasons of cost recovery.


  1. In the event of damage to property by a participant in the area of the event, which includes the inventory of the event location as well as property brought in by the organizers, sponsors and participants, the person responsible is liable without limitation and in full and can be excluded from the event immediately. Any claims for reimbursement on the part of the causer of the damage will be forfeited.
  2. Each participant is responsible for the items he/she brings with him/her (computers, accessories, clothing, etc.). In case of loss (theft) or damage to the property of a participant, the organizer does not assume any liability or pay compensation.
  3. The cancellation right, described in point 3, does not apply to offline events. In this case, the registration is binding upon payment of the participation fee (registration fee) and a refund of this fee is no longer possible afterwards for reasons of cost coverage!
  4. If teams are given an overnight stay free of charge, but have left their accommodation in an unreasonable condition, we reserve the right to withhold the prize money and the prize pool.


Should a player be convicted of cheating/fraud, the entire team will be disqualified from the current tournament. Taking advantage of a so-called glitch is also prohibited and is considered cheating. For this purpose, a video recording must be made by the team concerned so that the tournament management can decide on this situation afterwards.


ebattle has the exclusive right to stream any game live from selected casters and later publish whole games or excerpts of them on video platforms. Video publications or streams of third parties must be discussed with the administrative management beforehand. Streaming from the first-person perspective of a player is generally allowed.



In the tab "own matches" you will find an overview of the upcoming game. Here, map voting can be carried out from 60 minutes before the match starts. In the example of Best Of 3: Here you will be banned alternately until 2 maps are left. The 3 map is randomly determined by the system. Also the order of the 2 selected maps.

If no mapvote is performed by the teams, the system will determine 3 maps automatically via random principle 10 minutes before the start of the match.


Which teams will compete against each other will be drawn before each round. Games must start punctually and may not be started more than 15 minutes after the specified time. After each map, a screenshot must be taken that clearly shows the exit of the map and the players (ingame statistics). These screenshots have to be uploaded and saved directly to ebattle. de after the match or shown to the administrative management. Disputes about the outcome of the game can only be negotiated with the screenshot proof. In addition, the team leaders must enter the result of the match in the matchup.


  1. Shipping of the prize pool as well as transfer of the prize money can take up to 14 working days.
  2. If a tournament includes a registration fee, we will only refund the prize money to this address. If there was no registration fee, we will pay the amount to an account that that the team's admin has set up on the website.
  3. We will send a prize pool to the address given by an admin of the team (on our website!).
  4. We can only send the prize money as well as the prize pool to one person. Splitting is not possible.


  1. ebattle reserves itself the right, the tournaments with too low number of participants or for other reasons, one take place of the tournament impossibly make without calling off observance of a term. In such a case, paid contributions are already refunded.
  2. Players must appear in time to the tournaments. ebattle has otherwise the possibility to nominate the respective loser's team from the qualifying round for this match.
  3. Player’s changes during a running play are not permitted.
  4. The rules which differ description or set of rules to these rules during a tournament in the rider have a higher valency and headline therefore the called ones here.