Terms and Conditions of Participation

In order to provide you (hereinafter referred to as "user", "participant" or "member") with a fair and competitive competition through GameCatering Media UG (hereinafter referred to as "ebattle"), you must comply with certain rules. Therefore, as a user, when participating in our tournament and league system, you acknowledge our terms and conditions of participation in the current version. Only in this way can we ensure an esports competition that offers every participant equal chances of winning and strengthens and promotes the acceptance of esports in public perception.

Every participant always acts with respect towards ebattle, media representatives, viewers, our partners, and sponsors. We ask every participant to represent esports with dignity, especially in in-game chats and in any communication in the esports environment.

I. Participation in the Tournament and League System of ebattle.gg

  1. With effective registration for a tournament or league, a tournament or league contract is concluded between ebattle and the user. This contract remains in effect until the tournament is completed or the respective season of the league ends.
  2. When registering for a tournament or league system on ebattle, the user submits to the respective game-specific rules and regulations, as applicable at the time of registration. These rules and regulations can be found in the "Rules" tab of each tournament and league. The respective rules and regulations become an integral part of the tournament or league contract and supplement these terms and conditions of participation.
  3. Participation is only possible if there is an effective and non-suspended account agreement between ebattle and the user and the user has joined a specific team for a team competition.
  4. Each member of a team must have a valid account agreement with ebattle.
  5. The terms and conditions of participation in their respective current version always apply between the parties.
  6. Discord is the official means of communication between ebattle and the user. Statements made outside of Discord have no binding effect on the parties.

II. Registration

  1. Registration for the tournament and league system is generally free of charge. In exceptional cases where ebattle charges a registration fee, the fee must be credited to ebattle's account before the draw or start of the tournament. If no credit is received at this time, the user and their team are not allowed to participate and the respective contract is considered terminated.
  2. ebattle accepts payment of the fee only by bank transfer or PayPal.
  3. Each user is responsible for providing truthful information during the registration process for themselves and their team.
  4. Each user has the right to cancel their participation in writing at any time before the start of the tournament or league if a registration fee is charged. If cancellation occurs only 4 days (or later) before the start of the tournament or league, the participant cannot claim a refund of the registration fee. The decisive factor is the opening day of the tournament or league stated in the registration. Otherwise, ebattle will refund the registration fee within 30 days by the payment method chosen by the user (bank transfer, PayPal).
    Cancellation is to be addressed to info@ebattle.gg. The decisive time is the arrival on the mail server.
  5. If the user has not yet reached the age of 17 at the time of registration, they must obtain the consent of their legal representative before registering. By registering, the user declares that such consent exists.

III. Obligations of Participants

  1. The user is obligated to refrain from any cheating, fraud or glitching during their participation. If a user violates this provision, this will result in the exclusion of the user and their team. In such a case, the tournament or league contract will be deemed terminated with each member of the team at the time of the exclusion.
  2. Each participating user is obligated to play through any ongoing match until its conclusion. A player exchange during a running match is not possible and will result in the loss of the match. If the respective game-specific rules provide for a different regulation, this takes precedence.
  3. The user is obligated to appear on time for a match. A delay of up to 15 minutes is only permissible; otherwise, the match will be counted against the incomplete team.
  4. After each map, the user must take a screenshot showing the outcome of the match, including all players (in-game statistics). The user must upload their screenshots to the relevant match on ebattle.gg immediately after the game. Disputes regarding the outcome of the game can only be settled with a screenshot proof.
  5. Before the start of a tournament or league, the members of a team must appoint a team leader. The team leader must enter the results of the match on ebattle.gg immediately after the match has ended.
  6. Each member of a team is responsible for ensuring that the team has a logo that radiates a degree of professionalism. So-called fun logos, logos as mere placeholders or logos that violate third-party rights are prohibited and will be deleted by ebattle.

IV. Rights of ebattle

  1. ebattle has the right to cancel the tournament or league without notice in case of insufficient minimum number of participants or for reasons that make it impossible to conduct the tournament or league. In such a case, any fees already paid will be refunded, and the contract will be considered terminated.
  2. The teams competing against each other are selected at ebattle's reasonable discretion.
  3. ebattle is the sole owner of the rights to broadcast a match via audio and video on the internet and to publish the entire game or individual excerpts. The broadcasting or publication of games by third parties is only permitted with the express consent of ebattle. This exclusion does not apply to a broadcast from the first-person perspective of a participant as long as ebattle has not revoked this permission by changing the terms of participation.

V. Offline Events (LAN parties, conventions, etc.)

  1. ebattle assumes no liability for items brought in by the participant. In case of loss of the participant's personal belongings, ebattle is not liable.
  2. Except for damages caused by the injury to life, body or health, ebattle is only liable for damages caused by intentional or grossly negligent behavior.
  3. Employees and agents of ebattle are liable in accordance with V.02.
  4. The condition II.04 does not apply to offline events.

VI. Prize Money and Prize Pools

  1. If the user is entitled to receive prize money or a prize from a prize pool, ebattle shall make the payment or send the prize within 90 days after the end of the tournament or league.
  2. The payment or sending of the prize will be made to an address or payment information (IBAN, PayPal) provided by the team leader. Otherwise, payment will be made to the payment information obtained through payment of the registration fee by the team leader.
  3. Partial payment or sending of the prize to individual members of a team is not possible.

VII. Final Provisions

  1. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply to the contractual relationship between ebattle and the user.
  2. The invalidity of one or more clauses of these terms of use shall not affect the validity of the other clauses.
Version 1.2 (07.12.2022)