Becoming an admin

You want to become an official admin of ebattle? Then you've come to the right place!

Our admin team ensures a smooth tournament and league process and supports the casters and organizers in the execution of the match days. You take care of the support, that means all questions and protests are handled by our admins. They also take on tasks related to the tournament at offline events. So you can actively promote eSport with your participation!


  1. You are at least 18 years old
  2. You can express yourself very well in German/English
  3. You are active, reliable and have the necessary calmness and neutrality
  4. You would like to promote eSport with ebattle and are passionate about it

Additional Qualifications

  1. You are familiar with Discord
  2. You have experience in eSport or in eSport titles (rules, organizational process)
  3. You already have experience as admin on another platform (e. g. B. ESL)
  4. You have organizational skills

What we have to offer

  1. A large, professional team of mods, admins, casters and organizers
  2. A reward system where you can earn points and exchange them for example into Amazon vouchers, PS Plus cards and more.
  3. The opportunity to actively participate in a large platform to shape the eSport Participation in online tournaments and the opportunity to work on offline events in Germany
  4. Experienced team that will help you with advice and support and always supports you

What are you waiting for? Tell us in detail about yourself, your experiences, your motivation and apply now!

Have we aroused your interest? Send us an email!