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How Does It Work?

  • Our supporter program is limited to a maximum of 100 supporters.
  • As a supporter you can subscribe to our newsletter on this page further down.
  • We will then debit the amount you have chosen in the cycle you have chosen.
  • Of course, you can cancel this subscription at any time, without notice, on this page here.

Benefits from the Supporter's view

  • You can support us "more directly" via Twitch, because nearly the full amount will reach us.
  • As an active supporter you will receive the VIP status on our Twitch channel.
  • As a supporter you will receive discounts on visitor tickets and merchandise.
  • Since there will be a maximum of 100 supporters, you belong to a special, small circle. Thank you!

Benefits from view of ebattle

  • ou can support us "more directly". We only pay a small transaction fee to the payment provider, but the rest goes directly to us.
  • We can plan better for the future and thus offer you even better tournaments and organization.
  • We issue invoices for each transaction and can thus calculate VAT. which is currently not possible via Twitch. So we do not lose an additional 16%.

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