Gaming for a reason [Qualifier #1]

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21 / 32






25,- €

Tournament Start

25.07.2023 19:00 o'clock


Gaming for a reason

Still no information on T2/T3? No problem!
We have something in store for the Siege community this off-season.
Become a part from Gaming 4 A Reason!
A month-long charity event aimed towards bringing the community together for some fun competition, raising money for charity & hopefully inspiring more positive community initiatives in the future!
The event will feature a TBA prize pool, and all tournament earnings will be donated to “Deutsche Krebshilfe“, a German non-profit organization aimed at battling cancer in all its forms. We encourage the Siege community to come together and raise as much money as possible for such a great cause.
That being said, the tournament will not be easy! You’ll fight your way through the ebattle open qualifier to face off against invited EUL Teams - more information TBD.
We also encourage companies and organizations to support the tournament and get involved! Whether through sponsorships, teams or donations.
G4AR isn’t just a gaming tournament, it’s an opportunity to connect the gaming community with a meaningful and important cause and together we can make a change!

The buy-in does not have to be paid immediately at the sign in, but at least 45min before the tournament starts.

Current pointlist

#Total pointsTeamPoints #1Points #2Points #3Points #4
1.175Team Princess252550100
3.165Barneys Trusted Dinosaurs75751015
4.150qvG eSports0257550
5.135Team Valor10010250
7.115Project BERSERK25151575
7.115Toxic Monkeys Esports15505010
9.90MYTH Esports50102515
9.90T5 Bruchstack50101525
11.80DAViNCi ESPORTS Youngsters15151550
12.75COFFEIN Esports15252525
13.65Team Dynasty15251525
15.45CROWNZERO 15151515
15.45EWAVE ESPORTS1515015
15.45Ucan eSports15151015
19.40Die geilen Ziegen10151510
20.35Next Destiny eSports Academy10101015
20.35Großmutters Gilde1010150


  • 25€ Buy-In per Team
  • Open Qualifier: 4 Qualifiers, Open for all, Single Elimination, Point-system
  • Group Stage: Round-Robin format, Top 10 Teams have to play against Pro Teams, 4 Teams per Group (4Groups) , BO1, you have to play everyone twice
  • Playoffs: Double-Elimination bracket, Top 16 Teams, BO3, Grand Final (BO5)

Infos Qualifier:

  • BO1, Single-Elimination Brackets
  • checked in to play after Payment
  • The buy-in has to be paid once. Registered and already paid teams will be manually set as "paid" until 30min before the tournament start of the following qualifier.

Dates Open Qualifier:
Tuesday 25.07.23 19:00 CEST
Wednesday 26.07.23 19:00 CEST
Saturday: 29.07.23 12:00 CEST
Sunday: 30.07.23 12:00 CEST

Rank 1: 100 Points
Rank 2: 75 Points
Ranks 3-4: 50 Points
Ranks 5-8: 25 Points
Ranks 9-16: 15 Points
Ranks 17-32: 10 Points

29min before Tournament start (Qualifier):

  • Matches are created automatically on the website
  • Match channel in Discord will be opened automatically (at least 1 player of each team must be present there; My Profile → Link Discord). Interface to opponent, caster and tournament admin
  • Mapbannsystem is available on the website in your match

After the Match:

  • Confirm result on the website
  • Next Round will be Generated

Dates Group Stage:
Thursday 03.08.23 18:00 CEST
Friday 04.08.23 18:00 CEST
Saturday 05.08.23 15:00 CEST
Sunday 06.08.23 15:00 CEST

Dates Playoffs:
Saturday 12.08.23 12:00 CEST
Sunday 13.08.23 12:00 CEST
Monday 14.08.23 19:00 CEST
Tuesday 15.08.23 19:00 CEST
Wednesday 16.08.23 19:00 CEST
Thursday 17.08.23 19:00 CEST
Friday 18.08.23 18:00 CEST
Saturday 19.08.23 12:00 CEST Sunday 20.08.23 15:00 CEST