Operation Siege Qualifier #3 [PC]

Logo Turnier Operation Siege Qualifier #3 [PC]






22 / 32






15,- €

Tournament Start

10.06.2023 15:00 o'clock


Get ready for “Operation Siege”!

For the first time in the history of ebattle we give you the opportunity to increase the price pool via Buy-In and increase your will to reach the top.
The following months you can show what you are made of and prove yourself against other teams in a fair competition.
The price pool includes 100% of the Buy-Ins plus additional 1250€ from ebattle.

Tournament system:

  • 15€ Buy-In for each team
  • Qualifying Stage: four Qualifier, Open for all, BO1, Single Elimination, Point-system
  • Group Stage: Top 24 teams, 4 Groups -> 6 Teams each, BO1, double round robin
  • Playoff: Top 16 teams, BO3, Double Elimination, Grand Final BO5, Cash-reward system

Information's about the Qualifier:

  • Bo1, Single Elimination
  • Check-In occurs after the Payment of the Buy-In

Place 1: 110 Points
Place 2: 80 Points
Place 3-4: 60 Points
Place 5-8: 30 Points
Place 9-16: 15 Points
Place 17-32: 5 Points

Current pointlist

#Total pointsTeamPoints #1Points #2Points #3Points #4
1.190BLUEJAYS Talents80158015
4.125BLUEJAYS Chimera5603030
5.115Entropy Gaming001105
6.110Sked Esport000110
7.105WRATH eSports30153030
7.105Ucan eSports15156015
7.105RIZON R630301530
10.100Tugas Randoms 580150
11.951. EC Frankfurt6051515
12.80Revenge Gaming3015305
12.80Ninja Turtles605150
12.80Z10 eSport00080
15.70Entropy Gaming05560
16.65Team Sentient1530515
16.65qvG Academy5151530
16.65Toxic Monkeys Esports00605
19.60Ice Force eSports00060
19.60Team Miracle06000
22.50TENGU eSport MERCURY155300
22.50Guardians Alpha5151515
22.50MS Treue x Dr.Payback030155
26.40Weitwurf Verein151555
27.35REH Gaming Academy155015
28.15Magic Dream Team15000
29.10Project V0055
29.10Project LFO0055
31.5Fighting Badgers by Frequency5000
31.5WAVE Academy0005
31.5WAVE Esports0005

29min before Tournament start:

  • Matches are automatically created on the website
  • Match channel will be automatically created in our Discord(at least one Player of each Team has to present.; My Profile → link Discord). Main communication between you, your opponent, caster and the tournament admins
  • The map-ban is available on our website in your match

After the Match:

  • Enter the result on our website
  • Next Round will be generated

Time schedule:
1.Game: 3pm
2.Game; ASAP
3.Game: ASAP
4.Game: ASAP

Games with an official match start after 11pm can be rescheduled to the next day, if one team isn't able to compete.

Dates for the Qualifier:
Saturday 27.05.23 3pm
Sunday 04.06.23 3pm
Saturday 10.06.23 3pm
Sunday 18.06.23 3pm

Dates for the Group Stage:
Monday 26.06.23 7pm Tuesday 27.06.23 7pm Monday 03.07.23 7pm Tuesday 04.07.23 7pm

Dates for the Playoff:
Friday 07.07.23 7pm
Saturday 08.07.23 4pm
Sunday 09.07.23 4pm

Friday 14.07.23 7pm
Saturday 15.07.23 4pm
Sunday 16.07.23 4pm