Operation Siege Qualifier #2 [PC]

Logo Turnier Operation Siege Qualifier #2 [PC]






22 / 32






15,- €

Tournament Start

04.06.2023 15:00 o'clock


Get ready for “Operation Siege”!

For the first time in the history of ebattle we give you the opportunity to increase the price pool via Buy-In and increase your will to reach the top.
The following months you can show what you are made of and prove yourself against other teams in a fair competition.
The price pool includes 100% of the Buy-Ins plus additional 1250€ from ebattle.

Tournament system:

  • 15€ Buy-In for each team
  • Qualifying Stage: four Qualifier, Open for all, BO1, Single Elimination, Point-system
  • Group Stage: Top 32 teams, 4 Groups -> 8 Teams each, BO1, double round robin
  • Playoff: Top 16 teams, BO3, Double Elimination, Grand Final BO5, Cash-reward system

Information's about the Qualifier:

  • Bo1, Single Elimination
  • Check-In occurs after the Payment of the Buy-In

Place 1: 110 Points
Place 2: 80 Points
Place 3-4: 60 Points
Place 5-8: 30 Points
Place 9-16: 15 Points
Place 17-32: 5 Points

Current pointlist

#Total pointsTeamPoints #1Points #2Points #3Points #4
1.140Project LFO3011000
2.115Stage5 Gaming110500
3.95BLUEJAYS Talents801500
4.85Tugas Randoms 58000
5.65Ninja Turtles60500
5.651. EC Frankfurt60500
8.60Team Miracle06000
8.60RIZON R6303000
10.45WRATH eSports301500
10.45Revenge Gaming301500
10.45TeamBash [EFY]153000
10.45Team Sentient153000
14.30Ucan eSports151500
14.30MS Treue x Dr.Payback03000
18.20REH Gaming Academy15500
18.20Guardians Alpha51500
18.20qvG Academy51500
18.20TENGU eSport MERCURY15500
22.15Magic Dream Team15000
23.5Fighting Badgers by Frequency5000
23.5Entropy Gaming0500

29min before Tournament start:

  • Matches are automatically created on the website
  • Match channel will be automatically created in our Discord(at least one Player of each Team has to present.; My Profile → link Discord). Main communication between you, your opponent, caster and the tournament admins
  • The map-ban is available on our website in your match

After the Match:

  • Enter the result on our website
  • Next Round will be generated

Time schedule:
1.Game: 3pm
2.Game; ASAP
3.Game: ASAP
4.Game: ASAP

Games with an official match start after 11pm can be rescheduled to the next day, if one team isn't able to compete.

Dates for the Qualifier:
Saturday 27.05.23 3pm
Sunday 04.06.23 3pm
Saturday 10.06.23 3pm

Dates for the Group Stage:
Saturday 24.06.23 3pm
Sunday 25.06.23 3pm
Saturday 01.07.23 3pm
Sunday 02.07.23 3pm

Dates for the Playoff:
CW 27 & CW 28 (exact Dates are TBD)