ebattle Mid-Season Clash - Qualifier #2 [PC]

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30 / 32





Check-In Start

17.09.2022 23:00 o'clock

Check-In End

18.09.2022 15:31 o'clock

Tournament Start

18.09.2022 16:00 o'clock


  • 1st placeFinal Spot
  • 2nd placeFinal Spot
  • 3rd placeFinal Spot
  • 4th placeFinal Spot


ebattle Mid-Season Clash - Qualifier #2 [PC]

The 2022/23 season ushers in a new format!
The year includes a total of two regular seasons, a mid- and post-season clash, monthly Blitz Cups, as well as the grand final - the ebattle Masters. The R6S eSport thus receives a full year with at least 17.000€ in prize money!

The break between the regular seasons of the year will not be boring. The Mid-Season Clash is your chance to earn a larger amount of points for the overall standings as well as a price money of 500€. Teams that do not participate in the regular season can also take part and therefor get the chance to participate in the Masters. The top 4 teams from each qualifier make it to the grand final play-off.

All important information about the ebattle Masters can be found here: ebattle Masters

Tournament system Qualifier

  • Bo1, Single Elimination

Tournament schedule in bullet points:

  • From 15 hours to 26 min. before tournament start: Team check-in via the tournament page

26 min. before tournament start:

  • Matches are automatically created on the website
  • Match channel in Discord will be opened automatically (at least 1 player of each team must be present there; My profile --> Link Discord). Interface to opponent, caster and tournament admin
  • Mapbannsystem is available on the website in your match

After the match

  • Enter result on the website in your match
  • Next round is generated

Match schedule:
1st match: 16:00 o'clock
2nd match: ASAP
3rd match: ASAP
4th match: ASAP
Matches with a scheduled match start past 23:00 o'clock can be postponed to the following day, if at least one team is unable to play the match due to time.

Important information Final-Playoff:

  • Saturday: Bo1, Double Elimination
  • Sunday: Lower Bracket Final Bo3, Grand Final Bo3
  • Stream on: Twitch - ebattlegg