Crossfire Monthly Championship #1 - Season #2

Logo Turnier Crossfire Monthly Championship #1 - Season #2


S & D


2 / 32






17.10.2021 15:00 o'clock


  • 1st place100 EUR + 500.000 ZP
  • 2nd place250.000 ZP
  • 3rd place150.000 ZP
  • 4th place100.000 ZP
  • 5th place50.000 ZP
  • 6th place50.000 ZP
  • 7th place50.000 ZP
  • 8th place50.000 ZP
  • Each participant5 Crates


Welcome to the Crossfire Monthly Championship at ebattle!

In collaboration with Smilegate West, we are starting now into Season #2 of our Crossfire Monthly Championship.

Together with your team, you will fight against other teams in the format 5 vs. 5 to win the prizepool of 100 EUR + 1,200,000 ZP!
The tournament is a “one day tournament” and, as the name says, will be played on one day. The ZP is divided among the best 8 teams of the tournament, which means you can already win ZP by making it into the quarterfinals! In addition, the monthly tournament is streamed live on Twitch, where exciting matches with ZP Giveaways are waiting for you.

Depending on their placement, each team receives points at the end of the tournament. After 4 tournaments, the 16 teams with the most points will be invited to a tournament with 850 EUR + 1,200,000 ZP prizepool!
Register quickly and make it into the top 16 teams!

Current pointlist

#Total pointsTeam

Good luck!