Crossfire Monthly Championship #1 - 1st Sunday


S & D


30 / 32






17.01.2021 15:03 o'clock


  • 1st place 250€ + 500.000 ZP
  • 2nd place 350.000 ZP
  • 3rd place 200.000 ZP
  • 4th place 100.000 ZP


Welcome to the Crossfire Monthly Championship at ebattle!

Please note:
As you might have noticed yourself, the servers are unstable again. Since many people can't play on EU Charlie properly, we have no other choice than to postpone CMC.
The new date for the Crossfire Monthly Championship will be 17-01-2021, 03:00 pm CET.

In collaboration with Smilegate West, we are now offering you a new monthly tournament at ebattle with a new tournament system, created by Noizz.
You will fight against other teams in a 5 vs 5 format for a prizepool of 250€ and 1.150.000 ZP!

The tournament will take place over three Sundays. It will start on 17th of January 2021, 03:00 pm CET:
1st Sunday:
A bracket with the signed up teams will be played until the quarterfinals. The winners of the quarterfinals will move on to the Upper League, the losers of the quarterfinals will move on to the Lower League. Everyone else will move on to the Loser Bracket.
2nd Sunday:
The Upper League will play a group stage (BO3). The best two teams will move on to the Grand Final.
The Lower League will play a group stage (BO3). The best team will move on the the Grand Final.
The Loser Bracket will be played (BO1). The winner will move on to the Grand Final.
3rd Sunday - Grand Final:
The winners of the Upper League will play against the winner of the Lower League and against the winner of the Loser Bracket. The Grand Final will be played as BO5.

15 min. before tournament start:
- Matches are automatically created on the website
- Matchchannel in the discord is generated automatically (at least 1 player of each team must be present there) My Profile --> Connect Discord). Interface to the opponent, caster and tournament admin.
- Mapbannsystem is available in your match on the website

After the match:
- Enter result on the website (in your match)
- Next round will be generated

Match plan:
1. Match: 03:00 pm CET
2. Match: 04:30 pm CET
3. Match: 06:00 pm CET
4. Match: 07:30 pm CET

From an official match start after 11 pm, matches may be postponed to the next day.