Crossfire World Pro Cup


Search & Destroy


42 / 64






13.12.2020 15:05 o'clock


1st place: 250€ + 500.000 ZP 2nd place: 300.000 ZP 3rd place: 150.000 ZP 4th place: 100.000 ZP 5-8th place: 50.000 ZP


Welcome to the Crossfire World Pro Cup at German Community Cup!

In collaboration with Smilegate West and REH Gaming, we are now offering you a new tournament at German Community Cup.
You will fight against other teams in a 5 vs 5 format. Following the bracket, you will compete against each other and play for a prize pool of 250€ and 1.250.000 ZP!

15 min. before tournament start:
- Matches are automatically created on the website
- Matchchannel in the discord is generated automatically (at least 1 player of each team must be present there) Control Center --> Profile --> Connect Discord). Interface to the opponent, caster and tournament admin.
- Mapbannsystem is available on the website (control center --> my matches)

After the match:
- Enter result on the website (control center --> my matches)
- Next round will be generated

Match plan:
1. Match: 03:00 pm CET
2. Match: 03:45 pm CET
3. Match: 04:30 pm CET
4. Match: 05:15 pm CET
Final [BO3]

From an official match start after 11 pm, matches may be postponed to the next day.

The registration for the tournament will be closed on 14.11.2020 at 02:44 pm CET.

Here you can find a guide for our tournaments:
[GCC] Registration & tournament schedule

Registration, creating a team and enter a tournament
1. Register an account or login to your account by clicking on “Login & Registration”
2. By clicking on “Control Center” you can see all necessary functions
3. Connect your Discord account with your GCC account by clicking on “Profile” and “Connect Discord”
4. Enter your gamertags in your GCC profile to get the necessary servergroups on discord.
5. Create a team for the tournament by clicking on “Create a team”
6. You are now the teamcaptain and have to invite your teammates to your team by sending them the Join-Link. Each teammate has to register an account and join the team via the Join-Link.
7. You can promote members to admins and degrade them again.
8. Select the tournament you want to participate in “Leagues & Tournaments” and click “Register now”.
9. Select the team you want to participate in the tournament with and sign up.

Tournament schedule
1. On the tournament page you will find all important information about the tournament. Please inform yourself and your team about the schedule.
2. Once your match is generated (15min before the tournament start), a matchchannel is automatically generated on our discord. Each teammember who has linked their Discord account to their GCC account is tagged in the matchchannel.
3. All communication takes place in the matchchannel! If you need help, please tag @Gccup Admin in the matchchannel. If you need help in general, just create a ticket via our ticket system on our discord.
4. The Mapban can be found on the website in your "Control Center"  "My Matches". 15 minutes before the start of the match, the mapvote is released. The website selects automatically and randomly a team that may begin the Mapban.