German Community Series #2 PS4 [Group B]

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20.11.2020 20:00 o'clock


Platz 1 & 2 spielen in einem Relegationsturnier gegen die anderen 1 & 2 platzierten um den direkten Aufstieg in die Challenger Series. Platz 1 und 2 des Relegationsturnieres steigen direkt auf, PLatz drei spielt gegen den 6. Platz der abgelaufenen Challenger Series ein Relegationsmatch. Ebenfalls erhalten aus den Relegationsmatches Teams einen Preispool von 75 EUR 1.Platz 50,00 EUR 2.Platz 25,00 EUR


The Community Series offer the teams the stepping stone to the Challenger Series.

The teams have the possibility to find a match date with the corresponding opponent in the Control Center -> Matches. If no agreement is reached, the match will automatically take place on Sundays at 8 o’clock p.m.

If a match is getting casted, a verified GCCup caster will inform you about it in the match channel. Our GCCup casters can also be requested by the teams for casts.
Liga Skizze The GCS consists of the Champions Series, Challenger Series & Community Series. The "Champions Series" is the highest division in our league system. The top players from Germany-Austria-Switzerland have gathered here and are fighting for the title of the best team on their platform. The teams of the "Challenger Series" are already sitting in the starting blocks on their way to the top and will take the coveted places in the "Champions Series" after each season. You will find the entry to the upper leagues in the "Community Series", which is open to everyone. In over 14 matchdays, the participants have the chance to compete with the teams in a first and second round to determine the deserved promotions or relegations at the end of the season. The Champions Series will be accompanied live by our casters on The Challenger & Community Series will also be broadcast on their channels by our casters team.