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Clash of Neighbours

Sporting rivalries often arise from geographical proximity, and they grow with their shared history. Holland vs. Germany is a prime example of how such a duel loses nothing in emotion and explosiveness over the decades. Welcome to the first official Clash of Neighbors!

What is Clash of Neighbours?

The Clash of Neighbours celebrates the rivalry and friendship of the two neighboring countries Holland and Germany. For the first time in the history of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, it will be decided which country comes out on top in competitive play.

Register now for the German and Dutch qualifiers. First play among each other to decide who is the best local team and gets the honor to enter the playoffs as representative of the two countries. The two best teams of the local qualifiers will qualify for the playoffs. In the end, the best German team will meet the best Dutch team to settle once and for all the question - Birkenstock or Crock? Orange or black, red and gold? Robben or Matthäus?

When will the "Clash of Neighbours" take place?

  • Open qualifier: 17.01.2022 & 21.01.2022 - Single Elimination Bracket BO1, Finales BO3
  • Playoffs: 29.01.2022 - Single Elimination - BO3
  • Finale: 30.01.2022 - Single Elimination - BO5
  • The Dutch qualifiers are eligible to be played by anyone in the Benelux region. 3 out of 5 players should be from the Benelux region.

What is there to win?

Of course, the teams will not only play for their national pride. There is a total of 100,000 R6 Credits up for grabs. The winning teams receives a total of 50,000 R6 Credits and an exclusive surprise package of the winning country. To make sure the defeat really hurts, the runner-up will also receive a surprise package of the winning country and 30,000 R6 Credits. The two semi finalists will not leave empty-handed and will win take home 10,000 R6 Credits each.

What is Rainbow Six Siege?

Discover the most tactical first-person shooter. Choose your own Operator for an intense 5v5 team match on one of the many dynamic maps. For each stage of the game, choose one of over 60 offensive or defensive Operators, each with their own play style and unique gadget. Create the best team by choosing Operators that complement each other.

The Seasons of Rainbow Six Siege are important updates designed to improve the gameplay experience. With each Season we release new free content such as maps, items or game modes, as well as unlockable content such as Operators, weapons and skins.

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